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CommonDesk Launches ARCviewer

CommonDesk Launches New Product Enabling Mobile Access to Your Enterprise Vault

April 19, 2011

NEW YORK, NY — CommonDesk will be unveiling its latest product, ARCviewer, an add-on feature for Enterprise Vault at the Symantec Vision 2011 Conference (May 2–5). ARCviewer allows users to access their archived Enterprise Vault mail from their BlackBerrys, iPhones and iPads.

The ARCviewer application will allow users to access multiple archived folders.Enterprise Vault users can now de-archive emails and gain access to old attachments and contact information from anywhere.Users will also be able to archive messages to Enterprise Vault from their native mail application — allowing them to free up space and sort through emails in their downtime.Similar to Enterprise Vault’s desktop application for Outlook, ARCviewer has a built in search functionality where users can search by date, subject contents, body contents and name.

The ARCviewer has a server component, ARCbridge, which is the technology that enables access to Enterprise Vault servers. ARCviewer/ARCbridge is one of several modules available from CommonDesk through its integrated management system, CommonDesk 360. 

The CommonDesk 360 Console streamlines task of administrators through the use of a web based console.It enables the management of users across different physical locations, services, and modules. Along with the ARCviewer/ARCbridge, today CommonDesk offers products for the capture of the following message types:SMS, PIN and BBM capture, Bloomberg email and IM, Pivot 360 IM, public instant messaging, and mobile voice. 

The CommonDesk 360 Console provides built in contextual help to assist administrators in creating and managing groups every step of the way.Users can be divided into groups based on their job functions enabling different services to be attached to selected groups.CommonDesk 360 aims at lowering the time and effort taken to manage users and effectively the overall cost to the company.

CommonDesk was the first vendor to introduce a device based real-time SMS message capture solution for BlackBerrys, originally dubbed PINcushion, today it is commonly referred to as the Compliance Engine and Mobile Agent.